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As you bring employees back to the office and focus on fostering social engagement, we can help you manage and optimize workspaces. With our support, you can concentrate on the well-being of your employees as they return to a more collaborative environment.
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The user-friendly booking solution that enables your employees to return to the office.

Easily manage your hybrid workspace to increase employee productivity with our easy to use booking tool for desks, meeting rooms and parking spots. 
Tribeloo App - desk booking
Easy to integrate
Our integration with your Google and Outlook calendars enables the automatic syncing of agenda changes for a more streamlined workflow.
Tribeloo integrations
Real-time overview
With Tribeloo, you can easily track which of your colleagues are in the office and where they are located to empower seamless collaboration among employees.
Tribeloo - Overview
You are in control
Define site-specific rules that support your hybrid work policies, such as neighborhoods, limited bookings, and configure employee communication through reminders via email.
Tribeloo - Booking Rules

Socialization as Protagonist in Our Journey Back to the Office

You read that right. Returning to the office can and should fulfill the innate human need for socialization, and just like a favorite snack, we also have cravings for those interactions.

Social connections in the workspace enable strong work relations, which benefits worker well-being. They increase happiness and engagement while decreasing stress levels. It is a win-win-win situation, and if employers can facilitate that, it’s even better!

To help you encourage employees to come back to the office, we gathered our insights in our ebook 4+1 Proven Steps To Get More Employees To The Office.

4 steps to engage your employees ⚡

Strong working relationships are integral to employee well-being. Facilitating trusted social connections among employees offers the following benefits:
Increased happiness
Less stress
Improved loyalty
Healthier life
Book a Demo
Book a Demo
In a short call, we will give you a tour of the tool and explain how it can add value specifically for your organisation. There are no obligations afterwards.
Upload your floorpan
Easily upload your floor plan in order to add bookable resources so your employees can capture a desk or meeting space in a user-friendly way.
Connect Tribeloo with Outlook or Google
Tribeloo easily integrates with the tools your employees are already currently using, such as Outlook and Google. Thanks to these integrations, we provide a true plug-and-play experience where you are up and running with Tribeloo in no time.
Invite your employees
Encourage your employees to come to the office and collaborate with their team in an efficient manner. Now easily see what your office occupancy rate is, when maintenance is needed and easily determine which teams are sitting together.
Book any space from your Outlook or Google calendar
Get valuable insights to optimize the workspace​
Define booking rules per site (check-in, no-shows, …)​
Single Sign On (SSO)​
Book a Demo

Simple, transparent pricing

Our three pricing models are perfectly tailored to any organisation. You pay per bookable resource, which means you can determine exactly what your cost is without hidden fees.

Not sure what's right for you? During our short demo, we'll give advice on what is right for you. There is no point in signing more than what is necessary.

Plan your demo

We'll take you on a brief tour of the tool during an online call. We will together map out the potential value for your organization.

Most importantly, we would like to emphasize that there will be no obligations following the call. Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights and information to help you make an informed decision that is right for your organization. We believe that a well-informed customer is a satisfied customer and we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

We've answered our most commonly asked questions here, but if you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to book a demo.
How to choose a hot desk booking solution?
When choosing a hot desk booking tool, it’s essential to consider several factors. Firstly, find a balance between your needs and ease of use. Secondly, consider the integrations you need to make, and lastly, look at the availability of insights.
What are the advantages of using hot desk booking software?
By implementing and embracing hot desking, you can lower utility & maintenance costs. Therefore, you are able to focus on essential resources and infrastructure to stimulate the workplace experience for your employees. In addition, you have more opportunities to invest in higher-quality amenities and technology.
Does Tribeloo integrate with popular calendars?
Yes! Tribeloo offers seamless integration with popular calendar apps like Outlook and Google, providing various benefits. With Tribeloo, you can easily make desk or space reservations and view the availability of your colleagues in the office through your preferred calendar app.
Can I define specific booking rules for my office?
Our software allows you to create neighborhoods and manage who has access to them. Thanks to that feature, you can better understand the occupation of your desks.
How can I collaborate with colleagues?
With Tribeloo, you can easily invite your colleagues to join your tribe and have a clear view of their bookings and location on the map. This feature lets you know who is in the office at a specific time and where they are sitting, allowing you to book a seat next to them and collaborate efficiently. By facilitating collaboration, Tribeloo helps to enhance teamwork and boost productivity in the workplace.