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The user-friendly booking solution trusted by 25.000+ daily users.

Easily manage your hybrid workspace to increase employee productivity with our easy to use booking tool for desks, meeting rooms and parking spots. 
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Easy to integrate
Our integration with your Google and Outlook calendars enables the automatic syncing of agenda changes for a more streamlined workflow.
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Real-time overview
With Tribeloo, you can easily track which of your colleagues are in the office and where they are located to empower seamless collaboration among employees.
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You are in control
Define site-specific rules that support your hybrid work policies, such as neighborhoods, limited bookings, and configure employee communication through reminders via email.
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Don't take our word for it; take that of satisfied customers. Since starting Tribeloo several years back, our customers have loved our easy-to-use software and our integrations with their favorite tools. That way, we ensure you save costs and effort to integrate hybrid work into your business.

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Discover the power of Tribeloo through the experiences of our satisfied users. Our desk booking app has transformed workplaces and streamlined resource management for companies around the world. Learn how Tribeloo has made hybrid working, hot desking, and office administration more efficient and hassle-free than ever before
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"Unknown player, but once you know it... you can't live without."
- Steven
The personal approach of the Tribeloo team gives us a feeling welcome as a customer. You feel understood, and our problem/challenge is their problem/challenge. The software has already everything for a flex desk environment, but they like to think with you on how things can be done.
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"Easy to use desk booking for a digital workplace"
- Linus
Super easy to set up in just a couple of hours. Also enabled SSO for super easy access for our users. You also get precious information about utilization rates. Review collected by and hosted on
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"Great product, amazing customer support"
- Ignacia
Our biggest concern while searching for a desk booking tool was the adoption process. Tribeloo is so intuitive and user-friendly that it only took one simple tutorial to teach everyone how to use it, and now we have over 200 employees booking their desks weekly.
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"Easy to use, very fast implementation, & no hidden costs"
- LinkedIn User
We were looking for a solution that integrated with our personal Outlook Calendar to be able to make reservations directly from Outlook. Only a few offered this option and Tribeloo was by far the easiest to use and also to set up with no hidden implementation costs like some others.
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"Tribeloo - perfect solution for desk reservation management and more!"
- Tribeloo User
The tool is easy to understand for users and administrators. The tool is highly integrated and even the most integrated tool - as of my knowledge - in the market whenever working with Outlook. The tool is highly visually driven and provides great value as well as orientation for guests and employees. Troubleshooting - if necessary - is quickly performed and the developers are really listening.
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The award-winning booking software

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Frequently asked questions

We've answered our most commonly asked questions here, but if you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to book a demo.
How to choose a hot desk booking solution?
When choosing a hot desk booking tool, it’s essential to consider several factors. Firstly, find a balance between your needs and ease of use. Secondly, consider the integrations you need to make, and lastly, look at the availability of insights.
What are the advantages of using hot desk booking software?
By implementing and embracing hot desking, you can lower utility & maintenance costs. Therefore, you are able to focus on essential resources and infrastructure to stimulate the workplace experience for your employees. In addition, you have more opportunities to invest in higher-quality amenities and technology.
Does Tribeloo integrate with popular calendars?
Yes! Tribeloo offers seamless integration with popular calendar apps like Outlook and Google, providing various benefits. With Tribeloo, you can easily make desk or space reservations and view the availability of your colleagues in the office through your preferred calendar app.
Can I define specific booking rules for my office?
Our software allows you to create neighborhoods and manage who has access to them. Thanks to that feature, you can better understand the occupation of your desks.
How can I collaborate with colleagues?
With Tribeloo, you can easily invite your colleagues to join your tribe and have a clear view of their bookings and location on the map. This feature lets you know who is in the office at a specific time and where they are sitting, allowing you to book a seat next to them and collaborate efficiently. By facilitating collaboration, Tribeloo helps to enhance teamwork and boost productivity in the workplace.